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BeLive is a fitness movement focused on bringing people together through a very unique fitness experience. Vancouver’s only fitness rave, featuring high intensity body-weight workouts with powerful beats, all brought together in a nightclub atmosphere! Experience motivation, mindset training, visuals with affirmations and an environment to make you work, jump, have fun, challenge yourself, and BE LIVE!

You have never experienced fitness like this before.

Join us to get better, stronger, faster, younger, healthier, happier and sexier​.

Connect sweat and BeLive

Connect sweat and BeLive

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Francarlos Leon

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Francarlos grew up playing multiple sports on the streets of his neighbourhood. Every day was a different activity/sport. Sometimes they would play soccer or baseball, other day’s volleyball, skateboarding or bike riding. Whatever they had to play with, he and the other kids would create a game out of it.

At the age of 12 Francarlos decided to join the Military academy for his high school education. In the next five years of his life he experienced military training and intensive boot-camp drills where he was pushed to his physical and mental limits. After graduating with honors as the captain of the academy soccer team, he decide to travel to Europe with the purpose of experiencing different cultures, learning English and becoming a professional chef.

Francarlos has traveled the world cooking in some of the best restaurants in countries such as England, France, Italy, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and Spain. In Spain he had the opportunity to work for the prestigious 3 Star Michelin Restaurant, under Martin Berasategui.

After ten successful years of being an International Chef, Francarlos decided to get back to his roots and follow his passion for fitness, sports and physical activity.

His first step towards the big career change was to join the well-known fitness school, INFOFIT, in Vancouver, Canada. After completing his group fitness instructor certification he started working at one of the best fitness facilities in Vancouver, the YMCA. His first classes at the YMCA, plyometric’s and boot-camp, started with an attendance of 12-20 people per class. Today his classes have reached maximum capacity of the YMCA gymnasium, with 120 people every single week!

Francarlos is one of the top fitness instructors, teaching over 14 classes per week, in the best fitness centers throughout Vancouver. Francarlos loves what he does; motivating and inspiring people to get in shape and to love themselves through physical activity, becoming Better, Faster, Stronger, Healthier, Younger and Sexier!

Nice things people say about belive

Thank you for a fantastic evening, I was treated like royalty by the hosts and sponsors who were so welcoming and generous, serving us with fresh iced natural juices and power drinks, giving away water bottles, sportswear, spa and yoga vouchers, all that was missing was the VIP red carpet. A great work out, great music, great visual effects, lighting and atmosphere. I really appreciate all the work it takes to pull this event together and I am always moved by Francarlos’s passion and devotion – but most of all his ability to give time and respect to each person – a truly inspiring and humble guy… and I mean every word..

Catherine Dillon

First off, Francarlos has an outstanding personality and a great ability to motivate anyone towards not only meeting, but surpassing their fitness goals. His classes are always fun, challenging and full of variety. You never really know what exercise he’s going to move on to, but rest assure it will kick you butt. You get the most out of how hard you go and Francarlos will help you reach your highest potential. The music is always bumping, which will keep you pushing even harder. He always has great information regarding how to live a healthy lifestyle and that having a positive outlook about life can dictate your overall well being. We love his classes because he has taken our fitness passion to a different level and we continue to push the limits. THANK YOU FRANCARLOS!

Valery and Raf

Francarlos is the best instructor! Francarlos brings his incredible energy, motivational skills, and nutritional information to each workout and Be Live event. His full body workouts are fun, high energy and effective. He takes functional fitness to the next level with amazing music and positive messaging. Francarlos creates energy and ignites the desire within to create the person you want to be!

I have had the privilege of working out with Francarlos for 3 years. I am physically stronger, healthier and leaner. And with each workout I get better. I strive to physically improve every day. I eat and make healthy food to fuel my body and mind. Francarlos provides nutritional information, cooking tips and ideas that I am able to incorporate into my daily routine. I am also more motivated and strive to be the best person that I can be. Most importantly, I am getting younger and sexier! Francarlos has enabled me to achieve and continue to work on my physical fitness, health and life adventure goals!

Gary Leonard

I’ve attended classes and events with Francarlos for 2.5+ years now, with fantastic personal results. When I first stumbled on to his classes I was out of shape and feeling very low. His unfailing positivity, enthusiasm, and encouragement made me want to keep coming back for more. At first I couldn’t even do a full pushup, and jump squats nearly killed me… But with Francarlos’s encouragement I kept trying. Little by little I became ‘faster, better, healthier, stronger, and sexier’- and I was having fun doing it! For me, attending F’s classes are kind of like group therapy. He doesn’t just address the body, he helps your mind and spirit align with your health goals. You can feel the energy and excitement at the start of every class – people are pumped to be there. I’ve never witnessed such a loyal following to any other kind of group fitness experience. My advice? Try one class – you’ll be hooked like the rest of us.”

Monica Jeffers

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